Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All tented up

We're well on our way to getting our upstairs complete-or not:).  Steve and our tenant, who happens to be an electrician, spent 12 hours Sunday pulling all the remaining knob and tube out of the house and re-wiring all the main floor lights.  Poor guys-they baked upstairs all day in about 100 degree heat as the tarping upstairs holds in heat like a tent out the shade when you camp.

 Steve also laid R-30 insulation in the area above the porch so that subfloor could be put down.

 Steve added some gorilla glue around the lath and plaster as it was not in great shape

Monday morning we had our first electrical inspection and passed with a mandated revision-we had some old wire wrapped in metal feeding into a plastic light box-we had to switch it out to metal.  Luckily the inspector didn't require us to have him back and we only had to take pictures of the work.  Now we need to get everything wired up from down below and get the next electrical inspection.  Luckily it's light out until almost 9:30 right now as most of the lights on the main floor are out currently. 

The workers spent Monday installing a temporary exterior staircase so that they can access upstairs from outside instead of going in and out of the main floor throughout the day.  Couldn't believe how quickly two dudes built a whole staircase.
Yesterday they installed some sort of beam-not even really sure where it is yet. 

 This morning they delivered tons of lumber and carried all the plywood for the subfloor upstairs. 
Steve and I always knew that the floor sloped above the porch but just realized last night that it is really bad.  Soooo, this morning we did a change order to make the floor flat (won't be level as you can't really level a 100 year old house) above the porch as well as at another place upstairs.  It was a ton of money to spend but I can't imagine wood floors looking good over wavy/sloped subflooring.
I also got to pick out window hardware and privacy glass for the bathrooms.  Shopping for house stuff isn't nearly as fun as I imagined when I have two kids in tow :/  

I have no idea how Quinn is currently napping (Ben has decided in the last week or so that naps are largely over-rated) despite the excessive noise caused by the construction.
Hope you all are staying cool in this heat!  I plan to find somewhere cool to escape to this weekend as our tented/tarped home won't do it! 
We hope that you all had a lovely 4th of July!  We were able to stay home and enjoy a children's parade, BBQ and block party!  It was great!
Poor demo workers were here until 2:30 finishing demo and clean up so that building could start Monday. 

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