Monday, September 16, 2013

Foundation Complete

We had our foundation repaired a few weeks ago and found time, and dry weather, this weekend to get it painted.  In prep, I first hosed down the portions of the walls that had not been repaired and then scrubbed with a firm bristle scrub brush as well as a little water and dish soap.  The amount of dirt that came off the walls that looked clean to the naked eye was a bit repulsive.  Anyways, we let them get good and dry in the heat that we had last week. 

I was also able to sneak outside during nap-time to get all the cutting in done. 

Steve used a grinder on a few spots that we did not have repaired that needed to be a bit smoothed and leveled.  One portion that was particularly bad was the transition between where someone had skim coated up to old stairs and where we had the new skim coating was applied.
 While you can still see that outline of where the stairs were before, it is much better.  Once we put in a new staircase next summer, it should be pretty much hidden.

What a difference!  We just need to sand down the wood/scrape paint around the basement windows and paint those as well.  One step at a time, right?  We'll see if we get the time before the weather completely turns.  The color is Miller's Seaward Pine color matched to Behr paint. 

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