Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I have spent the last month gathering bids for a number of projects that we would like to hire out at our house, including resurfacing some parts of our exterior foundation, repairing the sash cord on the windows and getting them re-glazed, installing our kitchen and bathroom vents and repairing our front door.

this is a huge hole we found (doesn't go all the way through but it was several inches deep) in the foundation that was covered by dirt.  Might explain why there was one slightly damp area of the basement.

Above are several before pictures...as you can see, some places needed more help than others.  The side of our house by the driveway needed almost no work (just a little around the windows) while the back yard area needed tons of help.

We truly debated about doing this ourselves...hence why we've been in the house 7 years next week and are just getting the project done.  Here are a few videos and tutorials I found on repairing or parging.
Mr Parging -->Love the name! Thorough You Tube video
Mike Haduck video
Written Step-by-step to repair

While we would of saved a ton (literally as this is very inexpensive to do) of money by doing it ourselves, it was so nice to greet the workers at 7:30 this morning and say adieu by 2!

Now we just need to wait for it to dry and add paint!

And our littles....can't believe just how big they are getting with Ben nearing 3 1/2 and Quinn already 3 months.  I just love watching Ben and Quinn starting to bond-it's the sweetest!

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