Friday, August 2, 2013

Chair Rehab

We were lucky enough to have my sister and her family and then my parents visit back to back.  My parents trip was very last minute as my dad is going to have knee replacement surgery but was able to fit in a quick trip before the surgery so my parents decided to come visit.  They wanted to see the grand kids and take me some of my stuff that I have been keeping at their house (wedding dress, old decor, etc.) as well as a 1950s chair and turn of the century dresser I inherited from my grandparents.  My grandma passed in April so my parents have had the chair and dresser in the basement since they cleaned out her house in late April. 

My grandma (dad's mom) at her 94th birthday celebration, just a couple weeks before she passed; with her 3 great-grandsons; she also has 6 great-grand-daughters

And here is the chair that she gave me:

Except, these are the cushions it came with:

The cushions on it (seen in top pic), are from the matching rocker she gave me years ago.  We had this matching rocker in our bedroom until we moved to the lair. The rocker has been sitting in the attic since we made the move.
the webbing was all brittle and deteriorated and the wood needed some serious TLC

So I knew it needed some serious work but I was willing to take on the challenge.  I finally found a bit of time to tackle the beast this week. I started by removing all the old webbing and pulling all the staples.  Easier said than done-there were about a million staples  (even had to unscrew part of the chair to get the corner ones out).

I found some great elasticized webbing at Fabric Depot for $2.99 a yard plus everything was 30% off so 5.5 yards ended up costing me less than $12.  I didn't end up replacing the two horizontal straps as I realized they were added later and I don't think the chair needs them to be supportive.  I can always replace those straps in the future if needed.

Lastly, I cleaned the chair with some Murphy's Oil Soap and then gave it a good oiling with some Old English dark tint wood oil.  Just yesterday I decided to add some furniture wax to it for protection.  I did the same steps for our Lane coffee table while I was at it (don't you love how those two pieces complement each other so nicely even though they were from two separate grandmas?)

And there you have it...a repaired chair.  It is so comfy and I feel so lucky to have furniture pieces from Steve's (foot stool & round side table) and my own family in our living room.

Grandma & Grandpa visit Oregon!  My dad was nice enough to replace a toilet at our rental while he visited as well as repair our broken toilet seat-it was a loo kind of week :)

Can't believe she's already 2 months!

Camping at Cape Lookout State Park on the coast last weekend

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