Monday, October 8, 2012

The Check List

No pictures today.  We took a little break from the crazy house work over the weekend and went to Bend...much needed and we now feel refreshed and ready to charge through to next Monday when drywall will start.  Check back tomorrow.  Got our plumbing fixtures-they are gorgeous and I hope to post a few pix :)

Here's our check-off list with a couple more items completed and pretty much everything listed that we need to accomplish before Monday:

  1. finish framing
  2. re-install dining room built-in --this is half done
  3. rip out old floor-to do this weekend
  4. patch large hole in floor (with studs) from old chimney
  5. install 1/2" ply subfloor-to do this weekend
  6. electrical (that includes getting electrical bids)-Half done, the electrician is at the house this week and will be finished by Friday
  7. plumbing
  8. insulation-to do this weekend
  9. drywall-will start next Monday 10/15
  10. new to us back door (purchase & install)-will fix any framing issues this weekend
  11. frame out and install new basement door (we are using the door that went from our bedroom into the kitchen as it is in great condition)--half done
  12. put in gas line for stove-do be done Friday
  13. put in vent duct work
  14. decide on pantry pull out shelving placement
  15. order dishwasher--> hoping to hit up labor day sales this weekend and score a deal
  16. order cabinet bin pulls 
  17. order hinges for cabinets
  18. order kitchen sink
  19. clean up basement so contractors have access-it is not only dangerous, but is one scary sight right now  

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