Tuesday, October 23, 2012

End in Sight

 We have definite progress since the weekend.  There really is an end in sight.  We even fit in a party and a trip to the pumpkin patch over the weekend!

 By Sunday night at 10pm we had in our subfloor.  The product is Eurocco (spelling?)-it's a super smooth 1/2" ply made for subfloors-we got it from Parr Lumber in Portland.  It took quite a while to install being that we needed to do a little leveling of the floor below and then cut everything so that it would fit on the stud beam below and allow a really good nail in spot.  In order to not void the marmoleum manufacturer's warranty, you have to put a screw every 3" around the edges of each board and every 6" in the centers....we have many more screws to put in before Friday :)
All of the angled lines on the boards mark where there are gaps in the sub-sub floor below and the horizontal lines mark the support beams below.

And as of last night, the drywall is complete.  I should have taken a picture of the rest of the house-there is a thick white layer of dust and it is sick.  I am about to begin cleaning it up.  Dusting from the ceiling to the floor, right?

I need to paint the skirt boards for the basement stairs today so that Steve can install them tomorrow night as the new basement stairs will be installed Thursday.  This will make way for Paulson's Flooring to install marmoleum in the kitchen and on the basement stairs Friday!

I just finished up staining the side skirt boards for the upstairs staircase.  The front board just has pre-stain conditioner, middle two boards have the first coat of stain on and wiped and the back board has stain soaking before it is wiped.  Yesterday and this morning I added a second coat of stain (makes the color deeper & richer) and two coats of polyurethane.  

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  1. Fun! I may get to start staining soon. We're installing the new crown moulding/picture rail first.

    I'm sorry I totally spaced on dropping by your house for the fir. I guess I'm not super motivated to go pick it up.