Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's madness around here

I have no idea how Ben fell asleep and is remaining asleep through all of this. Pacific pie company, where we went for dinner tonight, must put some sorta man power in their pies as we got home from dinner and Steve went all crazy on the stairs.
He is currently pounding, banging, and saw zawing the heck outta our attic stairs. First thing tomorrow he plans to get started carefully removing the built-in so that we can reinstall it later in the remodel. Can't wait to share more!

Have you or your partner ever gotten a crazy burst of remodeling energy outta nowhere?


  1. Our son, the oldest, took a nap every day when we were putting the addition on our house. He was about 18 months. The noise was INSANE!
    That's great that he's motivated - wherever the energy is comin' from!

    1. yes, Ben has been a trooper sleeping through house projects since the day he came home. We were still remodeling our bathroom (and it shares a wall with Ben's room) when he came home; it is so nice that we can complete noisy work even when he is napping.