Sunday, March 4, 2012

The cabinet is in

Well, I proved to not follow through with sharing photos of our new cabinet on Thursday, but here is proof that it is in!  and we are thrilled.  What a relief to have it in after 2 years of an ugly open gap in our bathroom. 

Here is a picture of what our bathroom niche looked like just last week (with no plans to change it anytime in the near future)
Alan stacked the three cabinets boxes to make one big cabinet (I helped hold the top two up while he slid in the bottom)...a rather precarious thing but we did this to avoid needing to remove any door trim or tile

shelves with veneered edge

inside of cabinet

and here are a couple snippets of what is there now.  Not really sure how to photograph something this tall in such a tiny bathroom-I will play around when it is done.

And Alan also made the trim and door for our laundry chute which I absolutely love. 

I am over half way done staining and painting and hope to be finished tomorrow (will then let it cure and harden up for a couple days before loading the cabinet and installing the chute door & trim).  My fingers are covered in white paint as proof.
Ben enjoying the sprinkle of snow we got March 1st


  1. Yeah!!
    So, are you willing to share Alan's contact info? Or do you want to keep him all to yourself? =)

    1. Yes, of course! Alan Benson Woodworking alanojb at gmail dot com