Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little glimmer glamour for the chute

After we booked out our craftsman for the big bano built-in, Steve mentioned (which I had also been thinking) that maybe he could also build us a door and trim out the laundry chute opening in our hallway while he was here if we offered him a little something extra.
You see, our poor chute has been naked for a year now and a door and some trim would be pretty nice.  And the plaster has also been taking a bit of a beating (the blue tape was our band aid attempt for the plaster)Not that it is a hard project but we have never been quite sure how to cover the lath and plaster and exposed melamine compressed cardboard from the chute with stained trim.  We had all the wood as well as salvage hardware.  He said that it would be easy for him so we handed it off.  He, once again, will get it all ready for install but keep it out so that I can stain it first.  Then he said it should just take a few finish nails to install.  I feel like a bit of a fake (as far as saying we are doing the restoration ourselves) by handing off projects but we are in over our heads (aren't all old house restorers?) and time seems to shrink by the day with us both working and a busy toddler on our hands.  Oh yea, we also try to have some fun once in awhile.  So once again, can't wait to share more pix come Thursday when he delivers it all!

Oh yea, we showed him the picture of Bungalowcious' chute for inspiration (except we would like the hinges on the side and a knob with magnetic catch)

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