Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Big Ol' Map for our Big 'Ol Blank Wall

I have always wanted to put something on this big 'ol blank wall but never known what would be big enough for it.  And not too busy.  While I love picture walls that have a million little frames, I didn't think it would be right on that big wall behind our couch and the walkway to the rest of the house.
map waiting in our basement by the Goodwill pile

Enter Big 'Ol map.

I bought it for Steve as a random gift a few years back after finding it in a basement at an estate sale sitting all lonely by itself in someone's basement.  And it was only $18.  Sure, it is well loved.  Water marks everywhere.  Yes, white paint splashes here and there.  Some areas where it looks like tape was previously.  and yerp, also some red crayon marks. 

But is 1936 portland map with its original frame.  It has an awesome patina, er, character in my opinion.  I dragged it up this week (but couldn't hang it on my own being that it is ~6'x4') from the basement and repaired the small split in the frame while Steve was at work.  He seemed a bit bewildered when he came home and saw it and sorta looked at me like, "why?".
However, he then humored me and helped me get it hung(it already had some old wire string attached to it so we just had to hang it from 2 picture rail hooks) and we love it! 
x at top is planned airport-where our current airport sits

old Portland airport was on the Columbia

description of map's purpose

 And look and some of the fun details.

Think it makes the room look so much cozier and complete. Don't you?

Still would love to find a way to remove some of the water marks or the white paint off of the frame while keeping the patina.  Let me know if you have any tricks up your sleeves.


  1. Nice! I think it looks great in the spot. Someday we'll get to the point where we can unpack art. =)

  2. It's perfect! Or as perfect as a water-stained, crayola'ed thing can be!

    I bought an old "slated" (chalkboard) reversible World/U.S. map for my son's room about 10 years ago, but I SERIOUSLY LOVE that you have a "hometown" map! I don't live in my hometown -- or even my home state -- so I'm super jealous of this cool idea, and the price!