Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bathroom Sale

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that both Rejuvenation & Restoration Hardware are currently running up to 25% off bathroom sales.
We are in process of creating some art for our bathroom and I am hoping (but in doubt) that we can finish that up before Restoration Hardware's sale is over so that I can score some super plush towels on sale to match the new artwork...dare I say that I would like blue towels so bring a bit of blue in the house?  I typically hate anything blue in our house for decorating, even though I usually love it in other people's homes. 
From Rejuvenation, I need to go and pick up a couple polished nickel escutcheon plates for the toilet as well as sink.  We currently have super cheap chrome ones that don't match the rest of our hardware and have gotten all rusty.  They don't sell these plates online, but I have seen them in the store so I am hoping they are on sale.
***UPDATE: I just went to Rejuv this afternoon and I guess that everything is on sale because they will be discontinuing all of their bathroom things other than the light fixtures, towels bars, hooks, t.p. holders (that sort of stuff).  Unsure about the bath tubs but it sounded like they will no longer be carrying sinks, toilets or all the plumbing line type stuff.  Soooo, the sale will go on until everything is sold out.***

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up about them discontinuing the bathroom gear. I may need to go check this out for our bathroom remodel in the hopefully not-too-far-future.