Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stair research

I am not fully committed to our new stair plans discussed here and here as of yet.  Still really trying to find examples of straight (non-turning) staircases in historic homes that are part of a main living space (our dining room).  I have found a couple pictures which sorta prove that this has been done, but 99% of the pictures show staircases that turn or have winders.  Best case scenario would be us finding a way to have the staircase that goes upstairs start in the hallway and being able to adjust the rise and run to code (it appears that currently the rise is to code at ~7" but not the run (code is 9" and ours is 8").
Our staircase will also be pretty narrow at 34" so I feel like that may look strange.  36" is the current code but it looks like we may be able to get an exception.  I am still a little confused on weather we really need a permit being that we will be rebuilding the stairs using the current space we have and not starting from total scratch.  I will probably let the contractor we use figure that out. 

Anyways, here are some pictures I have found of old, historic cases.  If anyone has any other info on stair cases, please share.

I am unsure where this group of pictures came from as I collected them a long time ago. 
these stairs turn but not for a long while, however they are quite wide & regal

a great example, in a main living space & straight the whole way up, however wide

these have a winder at the top but appear somewhat narrow, however they are tucked into the corner of a living space
this is a picture of Steve's cousin's stairs-they live in a Bungalow in Lincoln, NE; in their living room, my guess is they were rebuilt at some point; steep & straight up with a door      

 These old pictures are taken from Stickley publications dated to the turn of the century
as seen from the sketch, these stairs have  winder but they are front and center in the living space and narrow

these stairs appear straight & narrow

more straight and narrow stairs, however they are just off the living space

these stairs wind right away but they are framed in the way that we would most likely frame ours

straight non winding stairs at house entrance, but they are tucked to the side
Lots of decisions to make, I was going to measure everything out during nap time today to see if it would work to put the stairs in the hallway but I couldn't find one a tape measure and now the kiddos are awake.  Maybe tonight will be the lucky night.

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