Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stairs-layout ideas

Steve has been playing around with different stair layouts for several weeks now.  Several years ago he tried to tell me that there were no other options for our stair layout. Well, at Christmas time, Steve came around and started playing around with moving the upstairs case to the hallway (bottom right drawing and second drawing) (then the basement stairs would be moved to the back of the house by the back kitchen door where the current upstairs case is)--> while I love this idea, the stairs would have still not been to code based on the curving of the case and the slope.  They also would have only worked if an ~4/4' section would have been removed from the back bedroom which is currently our bedroom.  While this is not devastating, I do not like the idea of cutting into either of our already small bedrooms. 

 Anyways, we decided that this was not such a hot idea and moved on, trying to think of other ideas.  Our basement stairs currently come out at the back of our house, by our laundry room and workspace/utility room/pantry....I have never loved this idea, because, well, let's face it, I am a laundry room will never be spic n' span and look the way I want it to and I do not want to be stressed about cleaning the laundry or utility room every time we have have guests come over.  Enter current plan. 
a few drawing of what our roofline may look like after the addition (I promise, no just a few libations involved when Steve's bro came over and took over the drawing board)

 Here is our current plan.  We hope to move our existing dining room built-in buffet (one of the main reasons we fell in love with the house) to the opposite side of the kitchen entrance and make that area the staircase to upstairs.  We would basically be doin' a switcheroo with the dining room built-in and the basement/upstair-cases.  We would then properly go upstairs with a current code staircase that will be slightly grandeur as opposed to the current entrance that is narrow and steep and at the very back of the house by the dog door and back door (so not posh to go upstairs to the master suite after walking thru your kitchen)
current layout
current basement stairs behind door and dining room built-in buffet just to right, stairs to attic just behind/left microwave

existing stairs to attic/future master bedroom/less than romantic and inviting...may I add the the railing wobbles as well
Ben helping plan the new house layout...guess he really wants a playroom

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  1. I've been grappling with the same issue for a few years now. I think I'm going to end up leaving the stairs where they are, but adding a winder to the top. That should give enough headroom at the bottom. It will also allow me (in theory) to use the less-stringent code for existing stairs as opposed to new stairs.