Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wow! 2 years blogging

dining room before
dining room after (ignore mess)
front bedroom before
front bedroom after

living room before-inspection day
living room after
living room after

bathroom before & after
front of house on inspection day
front house afer
kitchen before
kitchen after

back bedroom before
Back bedroom after

Weird that I was just looking at all of the posts that I have put up and realized that it's been two years blogging and almost 4 1/2 in our house!  While sometimes I think that we move at a snail pace and get frustrated by just how much we have left to do, I do realize (by looking at pictures of what this place used to look like), that we really have come a long way.  A quick recap of some before and after pix; hehe, how did we see (or why did we take this one/how stupid were we...the list goes on) the potential in our home.  But we love it none-the-less and our house is stuck with us because we are going NO-WHERE


  1. Wow, most of your changes look fantastic!! Especially the exterior paint job and that fireplace. Where did you get the tile for your fireplace? Is that in your blog somewhere...I'll go look. =)

  2. LOVE before and after pics! You guys are incredible -- congrats on the awesome work! You have brought so much beauty and life to your lovely home. I'll never get half as much done on my place, so it's fun to see your progress and experience home improvement vicariously! Glad you'll be sticking around. :)


  3. Very cool before and after pics. Alot of work, I know. Still working on mine :)