Saturday, February 26, 2011

Driveway Gate Inspiration

One goal for us this summer is to enclose part of our driveway.  We want to have an area that Ben (who finally, at almost 11 months, had his first tooth pop through today!) can ride a little bike or play ball outside without having to worry about him running into the street.  We watched our neighbors (whom we reference below) chase after their little ones when they played in the driveway because they did not have a fence and they report that they still worry about them outside even though they are 5, 8 and 11 now.
We hope to put the fence somewhere between the bump out and chimney

We have a long, long driveway as you can car will fit behind the gate and two in front as we don't plan to park cars behind it often...we only have one car now so their will be parking for visitors

This entails many steps, including figuring out our property line.  We practically share a driveway with our neighbors, except a 2-3' garden/grass strip that divides it.  The problem is that we do not know where the divide is and want to make sure we do the right thing if we are putting in something permanent like a gate.  Luckily, we get along with our neighbors and are friends.  We have decided that instead of spending a bunch of money to get a survey done,  we discuss and decide where it should go together.  We feel so lucky to have such great neighbors.

Here are some fence designs we really enjoy.  I hope to track down the pictures I have torn out over the years and also saved on our old computer eons ago and post them later as well as take some pictures of inspiring gates around the neighborhood. 

I love the simplicity of this gate, that it gives privacy while allowing light through and the  Greene and Greene influences with the swooping lines at the bottom-this just might be the winner, found here

This is also really really pretty, airy and delicate yet hardy and sturdy all at the same time, found here
simple, basic craftsman inspired design found here

Not in love with this but it is simple with a nice sweeping detail design at top found here

Really like this design as well, not only the little horizontal chunks on the lower portion of the fence, but the upper detail, found here

Simple and straightforward, found here
I like this, super cute but probably not airy and open enough for us, found here


  1. What a great house! And lucky for me to find your blog. My partner and I just bought a bungalow in Denver. It was built in 1923 and has been through the mill over the years. It was a foreclosure in the spring of 2011 and an investor came in and gave it a basic makeover. There's still room for lots of details...built ins, driveway gate, other details. We're looking to reconfigure the backyard and came across the design ideas for a driveway gate that will be needed if we take down the existing fence that cuts the driveway off from the yard. I'll have to bookmark this page for reference! Thanks! Your house is beautiful. I love the details of the fence you have in the backyard. I still have lots of pictures to look at on your site.


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