Monday, January 31, 2011

Radon testing has begun

I haven't yet had time to post about our radon test (or have more fun things to post about just come up?).  Anyways, our long-term radon test that was recommended by consumer reports arrived a couple weeks best and I set it up right away in the basement.  It recommended setting the test up away from both laundry and heating system and on the lowest level of the house.  Well, all that points towards the basement.  In addition, it needs to be 2' off the floor.  Well, that left the top of the archaic TV we have in our basement.  Anyways, it's easy to do.  You just open the package, fill out the info and start testing.  91+ days later, you put the paperwork and test in the enclosed postage paid envelope and you get the results back 2 weeks later.  I'll have an update in about 3 months and while we pray we don't have high radon levels, we're quite doubtful.

Here it is, all set up and waiting (hopefully) on top of the TV basement

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