Monday, August 17, 2009

Is the Grass Always greener on the other side?

some siding appears but still so much to do

So Steve and I spent part of our weekend shopping for rocks-never realized just how many different shapes of rocks there are at a small little rock quarry just outside of Portland. Anyways, we settled on Columbia River Boulders from Heritage Rock. After purchasing 3/4 of a ton of rock (super cheap), we hauled it home in the trusty rig and then I dashed off to a girlfriend's birthday while Steve took it upon himself to unload the mother rocks on his own and try to "roll" them to their resting spots...after unloading the lighter weight ones (several hundred pounds each), Steve went for the 500-600 lb. mother and finally had a neighbor come offer to help (or more like the neighbor's wife offered her husband's help) when he almost had it in place and they got it in. Anyways, we spent part of Saturday placing and planting the rocks=burying the rocks....they look awesome and really light up the yard. 7 were from the rock yard and another 4 we dug up in our yard.

our mother rock
(wooly thyme in foreground which we want to grow so it looks like sod)

Sunday brought the start of lap board siding (we had hung the Tyvek the previous week) which is not a treat to say the least being that the siding is not ridiculously difficult to put up but the corner 1x1" pieces threw us for a ride...we got a small front section done before Steve about crashed.
We spent the remainder of the day shopping for grasses...we chose Hamelin fountain grass because the grass that Ryan chose is not sold in Oregon. It really resembles the deer grass Ryan initially chose. When we got home I took a little rest while Steve dug 19 holes for various plants and our house is really starting to look more complete. We can't wait to have the siding done so that we can get the plants in close to the house!

a sorry attempt at a full landscape shot....
but can you tell how the rock blends nicely with the quartzite path?

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