Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back Door

 Months ago I posted about having a new back door made by Eric from Willow Classic Woodworking.  And we even had it all finished around Halloween.  However, life happened, holidays happened, and here we are January 2014.  And I am finally posting pictures of our awesome new back door. 
still need to add the right side trim piece.

It's an exact replica of the original door with the exception of a small piece of wood around the exterior window to accommodate the double paned glass we chose to have in the door.  I just love the new nickel on the inside knob and can't wait until the exterior brass ages and develops a gorgeous patina. 

The hinges are nickel as well.  We put in a magnetic catch from Winks Hardware to not only keep the door from hitting the counter but to hold it open during the summer.  We're so in love. 

blue eyes.  She's wearing my baby Mary Janes

with her auntie and cousin.  Ben isn't so in to taking pictures right now

waiting for Claus

they're all mine!!!

grandma and her only grand-daughter.  Q is clad in my baby dress.

my silly boy


sand is delicious

It was almost 80 at 11am on the day after Christmas in SoCal.  Couldn't resist a jaunt to the beach. 

he's 3.5.  Looking so old.  Always has some sort of war wound on him.


  1. Oooooh, ahhhhhhh. LOVE the door.

    1. thanks! We're loving it! ...and as a bonus, water does not pour under it and into the kitchen when it rains :)

  2. I love the back door! Your house is really coming along. Love all the Christmas photos! And the California weather looks awesome!

    1. Thank you! The California sunshine was amazing!

  3. The door looks so great! I also like the idea of a magnetized catch. Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, I think the catch will be great for the summer. There was a pretty large selection of door stops with different ways to hold them open but the magnetic catch was the only option that does not require one to un-latch it each time they want to close the door. Happy New Year!

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