Monday, November 18, 2013

Holy Shisties, it's all taking shape!

So we met with our architect over coffee on Sunday. And he had some pretty freakin awesome plans to show us. We can't believe what can fit upstairs (of course we are blowing out the walls and doing big things, but still, we are shocked, and flipping excited!).
We are literally going to get everything on our "must-haves" and "would really like to have" lists. The "office" cannot be a legal room as it won't have a full closet (just storage cabinets) but it will have an egress window and we plan to have Quinn in there at least til she starts school. 
Anyways, many more tweaks are ahead but this set is the first approval set. Sooo excited! to start interviewing contractors-gah

Well, it surely isn't Halloween anymore, but here are our cuties on the big day.  Ben decided that he didn't want to pass along his costume from last year so he reappeared as a bigger and better airplane. My lil Quinn was a sweet peacock, tutu and all (I made her tutu and headband).  Her ladybug costume was made by my aunt but we ended up putting her in a carrier as we walked around so she couldn't wear her ladybug bunting.  The weather was warm and dry-it was fabulous!  You can see our front door in progress in the shot of just Ben.  It's still not done but oh so close.  Hopefully by the end of the week.  Other fun things, the boy is still the best big bro, Q is now sitting on her own and "eating (more like smearing all over her) solids"! 

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