Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Contractor assistance

So we have some issues with the house...many, many, many issues.  But a few are on the radar more than the one million others.
(btw, for those of you who are wondering about the progress on the upstairs remodel/dormer addition, it's been put on the back burner as we still have more of our hoard to get rid of before we can begin and we have not had the time to seriously look at design ideas).

First being the front door.  It makes a horrible screeching noise each time you open and close it.  And it takes some serious muscle to open it-great toddler proofing for little escape artists:)  It totally locks but you really have to give it a good tug before you lock it. 
And it looks ugly as sin-the locking parts anyways.
I love the door-it's original and gorgeous to me.  Steve wants to replace it.  I would like to get a bid to see the cost of repairs (fix door locks to make them perfect (or as perfect as can be) and rebuild frame so that door and frame fit together correctly and that the plaster is flush with the frame (can you see the gap between the trim and frame in the first picture?).  I would also like to get a second bid on the cost to fully replace so that I can show Steve.

Second on the list is window sash repair.  We took the time to take out both the bathroom (3 years ago) and kitchen (almost 1 year ago) windows and have the paint stripped.  We have yet to make the time to sand, repaint, install glass and re-hang them.  Many of our other windows need some serious help.  Want to get a bid on just hiring someone to do it.

Ah, life with an infant and preschooler.  No time to spend on our much deserving century old bungalow.

So, here is where you come in.  Any contractors in the Portland area that you can recommend to repair our windows (not replace), repair our door and frame as well as replace the door and frame?

Much thanks in advance!


  1. Again, I would recommend the name of the one I sent you before, mainly for the price, but he's also very nice and super honest. Pat Miller 503-255-8511.

    I've also had the pleasure of meeting another one since. He's done a ton of work on my mom's 1916 house in Ladd's Addition over the past month or so, and we both really liked him - and she, his work. He came over to look at the damage to a major plumbing leak in our kitchen, which we're in the middle of gutting by the way, and he was SO helpful, and SO friendly. For free. Anyway, his name is Mike and his company is called Lex Construction. He has a FB page with photos of his work.

    1. Yes, you did give me his name before. Thanks for the additional name. :)

  2. We used a great contractor on our tiny 1905 home in North Portland. He won't be available until early September, but if you like, you can email me for his number. He did quite a bit of work on our "short sale" home.
    I did speak with him about your blog.

  3. Willow Classic Woodworking 503-867-5801. We've gotten his help planing our wood, but he's actually a door guy. And NE Portland Bungalow blog recommended him for door repairs.

    1. Thank you so much. I looked them up last night and it looks like a friend of mine (she wrote a review on Yelp) used him as well-she said that she was very happy with him