Saturday, March 9, 2013

Trim Diagrams

Before we went out to buy all the fir we needed for our dining and staircase, Steve decided it would be easiest to diagram the space. So what he did was just photograph the space, blow it up and then print it up in black and white.
Next he drew out all the trim we needed to add back in. Finally, he took measurements and wrote them in.
Although this step took an hour and then some, it was well worth the time. It made it relatively easy for me to figure out exactly how much and what types of wood to purchase.
Steve hopes to get started on cutting the trim today and then I plan to mask up and start staining.
I'm in the third trimester now so the clock is surely ticking.


  1. What a great idea. I did sort of the same thing for exterior paint in my last house. I printed out photos of the house and then actually painted them with my paint samples.

  2. What is it that they say about the best ideas are so simple and obvious?!?! I wish I had done this with my dining room. I can't count the number of trips I have made to Woodcrafters because "off the top of my head" wasn't as accurate as it should have been. Excited to see the results of all your planning!