Monday, February 4, 2013

down 2 doors

Last August, I wrote about us closing off the door the led from the kitchen to our bedroom-why they had it there in the first place, we'll never know. Midnight snacks?  I am tapping in on those right about now being 23 weeks preggo.

I also wrote about planning to close the door from Ben's room to the entry way.  Now, I can see why that door was originally put in.  Maybe a  door leading to a business out of the house?
entry way-boy, does this look different

Ben's room-the plaster guy plans to skim the entire way to make the texture even being that this wall probably has 10 layers of paint.
Anyways, the day is officially here.  Steve spent the earlier portion of Saturday adding 2x4s to the doorway between Ben's room and the front entry way and then patching in drywall on Sunday.

And here is the drywall patch in our room. 

And while were at it, we should patch that big hole between the kitchen doorway and the stairs

While we would have normally used blue board (a super-sturdy type of drywall type material made for coating plaster over), we went to patch and only had scraps of it.  It is not the sort of material you can just buy on Super Bowl Sunday from Home Depot, sooooo 5/8" drywall it was.  The plaster guy said it was fine based on the nature of the job.
We used blue board for all of the plaster work we did in the living room and dining room when we first moved into our house.
So today the plaster guy comes.  His name is John MacNab.  Several local bloggers highly recommended him-thanks.  I typically get multiple bids but I was told his prices are the best around and let's admit it, I was low on energy when I booked him just two days after Christmas-today was his earliest appt.!

Action Shots! Ben asked me to take his picture while I was taking pictures of the drywall.  Silly lil' man!

Hopefully I will have more pictures tomorrow.  Looking forward to getting these rooms back in order!

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