Friday, January 4, 2013

It only took 2.5 years

Today, I took a bit of a break from purging and organizing and instead focused much of my energy on finishing a few little projects that have been hanging over my head for weeks, months, and years.
Inspiration? Driving me nuts as well as getting daily emails from apartment therapy (thanks bungalow chronicles for the idea)- they call it the January cure and send daily ideas to help u get your home clean and organized.

-Anyways, first I got down on all 4s (gotta do it before my belly gets too big) and scrubbed the bano floor. I hope to seal it once it all dries. Our tile guy said that we should seal heavily used tile once every 6 months. Yikes! It's been 2.5 years!

-finally installed the CO2 alarm that I bought months ago

-hung a few things in Ben's room ( more on that soon:)

-AND, after 2.5 years, I finally hung a switch plate on the light switch in our bathroom! The tile needed to be cut away a bit so that is why the project was so delayed. I had bought a special dremel attachment to do this, but of course I couldn't find it today. So, I just put a small drill bit in the drill and ran it over the tile until enough of it had been chiseled away. Not even too tedious, only took about 10 mins.
Then I used some of the lil yellow spacers pictured below to bring the switch out and flush with the tile.
 I finally inserted 2 longer screws to hold it all together so that I could put on the switch plate I purchased 2.5 years ago from rejuv seconds for $5 and miraculously had not lost!

Makes the bathroom look so much more finished. Maybe we will finish the bathroom before the next baby comes

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