Sunday, December 30, 2012

No rest for the weary

While the blog has been pretty quiet for the past month, I assure you that we have been busy around this place.
Call it spring cleaning, call it cleaning the hoard, call it being overwhelmed by all the crap in the house, call it nesting....we have been purging and getting rid of stuff.  And it feels so good.  Already filled up the back of the car once for Goodwill, have a load going to rebuilding center tomorrow and have a new stash growing for Goodwill.

On today's agenda was cleaning out the garage.  We have been hoarding old 2x4s for years now but have never used more than a few of them.  We find that they split easily during building projects and they are bigger than new 2x4s.  Anyways, we had a friend in need of some so decided it was time to purge all but a few.  Our garage is so much cleaner now.  We were actually able to get to a cabinet we had bought a couple years back for the kitchen.  I got some pictures of it and now it is up for sale.  Next, we plan to move the all metal kitchen we had purchased for the basement (but decided we won't use) to the garage so that we can sell it.  I will be sure to post pictures when we get it moved.

Steve also found the time yesterday to finish all the kitchen lighting.  He had a couple last things he needed to do to get the under cabinet and upper cabinet lights working.  The under cabinet lights are LEDs-vaya cove by Philips.  The upper cabinet lights are LED puck lights by Sea Gull lighting.

 We can't believe how nice the color is to them, especially because they are LEDs.?

We also got a new (well, actually old) light for the basement stairs.  I bought my friend, Chris, a $9 set of Christmas lights in exchange for this beauty.  We really like it and it covers the square drywall opening around the light receptacle perfectly!

Our remaining kitchen projects include:
  • strip, paint and install basement door
  • strip, paint and install window
  • new hardware on back door
  • fix trim around back door
  • fix granite on either side of range (Jan 4th-finally)
  • hide wires hanging out from under cabinet lighting
  • install panel on dishwasher
I hope that you all had an extremely relaxing and Merry Christmas!!!

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