Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Came early this year

 Steve and my Christmas gifts arrived early this year.  More like my parents were taking requests and I pounced on it.  It made the most sense for me to go buy this clock from Rejuvenation to save on shipping.  And why wrap it and put it under the tree, and risk breaking it?  Let's go one step further and just hang it.  Anyways, I LOVE it!  Steve likes it (love might be a little strong for him).  I really wanted to get one of the clocks that School House Electric carries but the clock and the price were huge!  This clock fits perfectly over our back door.  I wish we could see it from our dining room but it is blocked-however, the view is great in the kitchen.  To hang it, Steve had to cut a piece of plywood to fit in the back and then mount that to the stud in the wall before hanging the clock.  That puppy will never budge. 
In addition, my parents got us a knife block that fits in a drawer, a new compost bin (we debated about getting a ceramic one but I think that it would have chipped too easily with how much we use our bin) that we can store on the counter and a paper towel holder for under the sink.  The stuff you get excited over when you are old!

My Christmas decor in the kitchen.  Note the hanging wires (some of the under cabinet lights were dead when we opened the boxes so we need to exchange them) and the missing window :)
Apparently our elf on the shelf likes the booze.  We are running out of creative ideas for our elf. He also needs some bendable, non-floppy legs and arms to give him more positioning options-maybe that is a project I can take on tonight.

Ben and I have each decorated a gingerbread house this year :)

Hope that you are enjoying your holiday season!


  1. Yay, for early Christmas gifts!! Love the clock! And the garland over your kitchen window is such a great idea. It all looks pretty and festive. And Mr. Elf hanging out on the whisky bottle is just too cute!!!

    1. I wish that I could take credit for the window garland but the idea totally came from pinterest. However, it was my idea to use a tension rod since we only have our storm window in currently. Happy holidays!