Sunday, October 28, 2012

We've got floors

So excited to show you some pictures of our new floors.  We had our Marmoleum (color Eiger) installed on Friday.  We went through Paulson's and had a really good experience.  Even found a  $100 off coupon on their website that I was able to use!

We had metal wrapped on the stair edges to keep with the vintage look, keep them slip resistant and make them more hardy-they are basement stairs after all.

I just love the feel of it under my feet.  All natural.  Non-plastic.  Warm(probably because of our radiant floor heat).  And being that it is an all natural product, their were no harsh fumes on install day!

Now to find a good kitchen wall color....looking for a grey beige color-any good ones you know of?  We tried a sample called Hazelnut Cream from Home Depot but aren't totally sold.  I may go into benjamin moore armed with floor and cabinet paint swatches and ask for their help.

We did decide on an attic stairwell color per my sister and Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman's suggestion-White Hyacinth by Sherwin Williams.  It is a really pretty creamy, slightly yellow, slightly peachy color.  I think it will really help brighten the staircase.

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  1. When I went into Miller paint over the summer, they had a big tri-fold brochure of historic colors. Surely, that would have something acceptable for your kitchen. And it would at least serve to reduce the nearly-infinite number of choices you currently have. =)