Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Happenings.

Steve was at it again this weekend.  So much so that we actually have the plumber and electrician coming this week!!!  Woot!!!

Steve added a flat piece of wood (runs parallel to ceiling joists) to break the 20" gap between joists and to give the drywallers and cabinet builder a place to attach their materials

He reinforced the dog door as it was hard to do the job right before when we had plaster in the way...lucky Porter!

Steve cut the sink cabinet again to make it even smaller and now we have it temporarily installed in the basement.  How I love carrying dishes up and down the stairs!  Now our "kitchen" lives partially in the basement and partially in the dining room-oh what fun!  Thank goodness for the crock pot and having some groupon dinner coupons we need to redeem.

we have the micro, toaster oven, large toaster oven, burner plates, coffee maker, fridge and all the food in the dining room now

And I started to label where we want all of our electrical to make sure it all ends up right where we want it.

Next up?  We need to finish labeling all the electrical, I need to clean out the basement area below the kitchen the best that I can and tarp what I can't move (the laundry room is directly below) so that Steve can rip out the old kitchen flooring and install a new subfloor, move things in the attic to prep for drywall tape off and buy/start tarping the basement for drywall, buy insulation and start insulating as soon as the electrical and plumbing are complete....we hope to have drywall start as early as the end of next week!

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