Monday, June 25, 2012

We have stringers....

Steve and his bro were quite the weekend warriors.  Steve & I worked from 7-10:30 Thursday night, Steve and his bro put in a full work day Friday and a 12+ hour day Saturday.  In between all the demo & construction madness, my sister-in-law and I were attempting to get Ben out of the house while I fervishly cleaned hands are raw after all the wiping, vacuuming and mopping that took place this weekend.  Steve and I spent ALL day Sunday just cleaning up and getting together/dropping off wood at Waste management wood debris drop off of 42nd and Columbia.  A ton of work; we're exhausted and spent and giddy all at the same time.

Here's how it all went down:

Thursday night: Weren't the stairs attached in a very interesting way?  Not nailed and supported from below, just side nailed.  But really sturdy. I really wanted to salvage the fir stringers because the wood is gorgeous but it just couldn't happen as the wood was really brittle and splinted with literally hundreds of nails. :(

 Friday: after Friday, we surely had an open and kid-friendly floor plan [enter sarcasm].  Amazingly, we only lost one piece of wood (far right) in the whole built-in move process.-phew
last glance at the built-ins resting spot for the last 99 years (reminds me of 99 bottles of beer on the wall, maybe because we needed lots of micro brews to get us thru the weekend)

door to nowhere just prior to demo; used to be door to basement stairs

old basement door stairs cat tool door has good use after all

cutting out to move the built-in, slow and steady does it...

found more of (like our bathroom) the faux tile plaster...just absolutely kills me to rip this out.  Looks like it went up to chair rail height-why was this ever covered up with cheap paneling when it is in perfect condition?

and she's out-the built-in

drew lines where the wood needed to be cut for the new stair that will cut into the dining room
Saturday: Steve and Greg were super bummed to discover (at 10pm on Fri night none-the-less) that the wall  between the kitchen and stairs was too unstable to help support new stair, Saturday morning Steve tapped off the area and had to demo that wall (and the gorgeous faux plaster tile).  They spent most of the morning cleaning the area after demo and going on another lumber run.  Luckily, this project (both sets of stairs & reframing 2 walls (one basement & 1 kitchen)) has only set us back a  few hundred so far.  Of course, we have yet to purchase the pricey finish materials and pay for install.  Still, we are saving a  ton doing this ourselves.  
They spent the remaining part of the day-until 10pm-ish-reframing the wall they removed and cutting the new stair stringers.  They were so motivated and it was awesome!

new wall and upstair stringers

new basement stairs

obviously there is some knob and tube that needs to be removed-just love the hanging wires and my guess is it's hot

Now onto attaching the upper stairs and then the risers & treads & drywall. :)


  1. Wow, I feel for you. I am so glad we were not occupying the space we were remodeling last year. That must be a ton of work to keep it clean enough for the little one.

    1. Yes, the clean-up is ridiculous. Even though we follow Lead safety protocol, I am still always nervous as I am sure some dust escapes. Plus, it is nice to keep the general dust at bay so that our floors won't get all scratched up. Hopefully Steve now only has the big kitchen demo and then we won't need to worry about Lead dust until we remodel our upstairs.

  2. Hi,
    Interesting blog. I wonder why you are giving up precious kitchen square footage for the built in when it looks like it can be kind of stay right where it sits in the dining room. That little jog in the wall there... hard to explain, but can't you just build around it where it is rather than cutting into the wall? That space in front of it can't be used anyway. Perhaps your dining room is tight for space as it is. Just wondering. I know you were very thoughtful in all your plans. Write on!!!
    Winona, Mn

  3. Winona, Thanks for your comment. That was something we initially considered but thought it would look strange with the room balance. however, that is something we should revisit being that we now have it sort of in place and a better idea of what the stairs will look like. Thanks for getting the wheels churning again...