Thursday, June 7, 2012

So smart

In today's world, most furniture comes ready to assemble or pre assembled. Once assembled, most big pieces of furniture are big, heavy and awkward to move.
I am currently cleaning out around the top of the stairs at our house to make way for new stairs. I had forgotten just how easy it is to move our secretary's desk the we inherited from Steve's family. Just lift the parts off one by one restack them to put it back together. It even has little clips that would allow you to hook multiple units together side by side.
We had this piece in our dining room until we had our built-ins made but ever since it has been hidden upstairs. I can't wait to show this beauty off again once we remodel our upstairs.


  1. hi there!

    i've had fun browsing your blog:). we just bought a rose city park foreclosure a few months ago, so it's fun to read about your house. i'm sure i'll be back:).

    1. Thanks so much! Oh I hope that you love the neighborhood as much as we do! Hope to see you back!