Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Horse Troughs in the city

this is 1'x2'x6' in size
Well, finally bit the bullet and did it. Guess u could consider it a Mother's day gift of sorts. Steve has been hankering for a horse trough for quite a long while now. Originally we wanted to go with one of the rusty-style ones but decided against it for several reasons.

1. We went with galvanized metal for the wire in our fence
2. The rust would probably get all over us and Ben each time we lean up against it to garden

If you decide to get a trough ( I really need to 'put a horse on it' you know), just know that you will need to drill some holes in the bottom.  We drilled a dozen-ish 1/4" holes with just a regular drill and then raised it up on a few 1"x6" pieces of concrete so that it can drain.  Also put some pea gravel in the bottom prior to adding mulch and dirt.
Oh yea, for you Portlanders, we got it at coastal ranch out in Gresham.

 Finally got the garden all planted and some wire up to hopefully keep the hound (and kiddo) outta the garden. Still enjoying the awesome weather around here!

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