Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Almost there

Are you tired of reading about our bathroom?  Well, I'm tired of posting about it.  We have a couple more projects down and just a few more to go.

ü  Artwork-check

These little pictures are called "Hilda" prints.  The first time I put them up, I used 3M strips to try and not put holes in the plaster but it was a HUGE fail, all but one picture came crashing down within a day and shattered all over the floor

ü  Latches-check

ü  Plaster-check

ü  Paint the wall-check

To do:
o   Ceiling paint by new plaster

o   Paint & install window/new privacy window glass
o   Fix ceiling electrical box
o   Fan
o   Fix plaster by window
o   Install escutcheon plates under sink

o   Fix light switch by bringing out to make it flush with tile

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