Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Leather cleaning and maintenance

 When we purchased our Heywood Wakefield chairs from Rejuvenation a few years back, I made sure to ask them our to care for our almost 100 year old chairs that still had the original leather.  Boot care of course!  All you do is squirt some in, rub it in with a soft rag, wait for it to dry and buff it up a bit. 
Amazingly easy and the results are pretty awesome-the guy at Rejuv recommended treating the leather with Cadillac Boot Care (it's the same stuff they use when they get vintage/antique leather goods) once every 6-12 months.  He said that using it more often might make the leather too soft. 
Of course laziness has gotten the best of me and I have only treated the leather once (now twice) since we got them and Steve noticed that they leather was getting super brittle.  It is much much better since we used the boot care-I just need to remember to keep up the maintenance.  They sell the boot care for I believe under $10 at Rejuvenation.

Ben enjoying a delicious cupcake at his friend, August's birthday party this past weekend-color match & all

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