Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bathroom Cabinet Reveal

Isn't she pretty?  We just love her more than we ever could have believed and can't believe we waited two years to get her in.  Oh well, waiting makes the heart grow fonder, right?

And here she is all filled up (so nice to finally have some toiletries, towels & extra T.P. live in the bathroom).

I spoke to our carpenter Alan about what he recommended for paint.  We have previously used Miller paints (a local paint company) acro pure paint for our doors and trim.  The color (a nice creamy white) that we have used throughout the house is Polar White.  While we like that the acro line is low VOC, I keep hearing things about low VOC paints not holding up long term.  I have also noticed that our kitchen cabinets have not held up as well as I would have hoped after 5 years.  So while I like low VOC, I think that I like long term durability better.
Alan recommended going to Miller or Sherwin Williams and asking about their latex paint line that has similar properties (hardness, durability) as oil paint.  When I went into Miller, they recommended either their Evolution (the best) or acrinamel (also good).  And when I heard that the Evolution was 20% off, making it less than a dollar more than the acrinamel for a gallon, I was sold.  I got the 20% off after signing up to be a member (FREE!)-basically they will keep track of all of your paints and also send you coupons AND you get 10% off each time you come in.  The gallon came in just shy of $40 (a lot, but worth it if it lasts a long time and doesn't chip) and I had a coupon for $10 off of $50 (I linked it for you and it doesn't expire until the end of the month). So I got $10 worth of paint supplies for free!
just after Ben told me something along the lines of "more paper mama"

They recommended a thin coat of primer along with 2-3 thin coats (it dries more slowly than typical latex so drips might form quite a while after you are done with the coat) of the Evolution.  I put on 3 coats. It is a nice thick paint so you have to be careful not to slop it on.
we've just started potty training-several successes so far!

I am so glad that spring is in the air-it inspired Steve to get the yard ready for spring, got us out on a hike and got me in the purging and organizing mood!

Now we just need to put on hardware but first we are hoping to find stoppers for the hinges so that the hardware won't dent up our door trim since the doors knock into the door trim  when they are opened all of the way.
We just got this print of R&R market in the mail (used to be in our neighborhood but now Fire on the Mountain (awesome little pub) is at this location).  It was a photo that I had a friend snap a couple months before the sign was taken down and that my sister-in-law and I photo-shopped together.  I had a living social deal to print it on canvas.  I can't wait to hang it in the bathroom but first we need an exhaust fan!


  1. Pretty! The cabinet looks great.

  2. That bathroom cabinet is great- and is something I'm going to keep in mind (when my bathroom is actually built...). We decided to cut out the linen closet in favor of a larger shower and shelves...but this thin cabinet just work perfect! Also, so glad you mentioned the low VOC paint. We're trying to be as 'green' as possible but efficient, too. If the low VOC paints don't last, we'll need to find an alternative. ps. found you on houseblogging

    1. We have used low VOC on walls and haven't had any problems but I think trim just gets a lot more abuse so I am hoping that this paint holds up much better than the low VOC trim paint. You could also use low VOC primer. Good luck with your remodel!