Friday, February 17, 2012

House Crashing in Irvington

I was fortunate enough to be able to house crash (get a tour from my agent) a house that just went up for sale in Irvington. Han-Mei of Swanky-Chiang let me know it was for sale.  Even though I knew that we had no plans to sell our current house, I just had to see it.  Of course, I fell in love, to the point that my heart was rapidly beating and I put in a call to my mortgage lady to see if it was even a possibility.  I know, crazy, but man, love.  Not surprised to see that it is already sale pending.  Just really hope that it was entrusted to good hands that will care dearly for the house and restore it with love.  Here are a few pictures I snapped.  A 1909 gem of arts & crafts!
entry & stairs, gorgeous wood floors underneath

living room to left of entry with pocket doors into dining room

pocket doors & dining room

dining room-look at that plate rail-door to left goes to kitchen

little englenook of sorts in dining room

kitchen with doors to basement and front entry way-needs a complete remodel 60s or 70s style currently

original push-button light switches

one of the two upstairs sleeping porches

upstairs bath with original built-ins

one of the four upstairs bedrooms, they all just needed some fresh paint and refinished floors

upstairs landing

stairs with bench at landing

basement stairs

basement "bathroom"

luv the sign outside the basement bathroom

living room windows-gorgeous

columns going from front entry way to living room

one more dining room view with wood floors peaking through


  1. Built-ins in the bathroom? Sleeping porches? Unpainted woodwork?


    I can understand your impulse. With the carpets removed and some warm, Craftsman colors on the walls, the house would look magnificent.

  2. Wow, I do hope they don't paint that woodwork--that would be a tragedy. That was the kind of house we were looking for back when we bought ours.