Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back on again

After a little time off, we got back to working on the fence and yard this past weekend.  Steve took advantage of borrowing our neighbor's rig Friday night & Saturday morning and hauled 2 loads of yard debris and wood to the yard waste and picked up some compost for the garden as well. 
Can you see the other little project Steve took on-putting a path between the neighbor's driveway and ours using left over stone from our walkway-looks awesome and cost = FREE!  I plan to plant some sunflower seeds between the path and fence.
Steve also headed to the cedar store to pick up the last pieces (cross your fingers he estimated correctly) of wood for the gate as well as down to  Coastal Farm & Ranch in Gresham to pick up some heavy duty 4x4 galvanized steel wire for the openings in the fence.  We chose to do non-rust vs. rust to avoid getting rust stains on our pretty new cedar fencing as well as ourselves.  A couple weekends ago I was resting on our friend's "rust"/non-galvanized wire and while it looks awesome, I came home with rust marks all over my clothes.  We don't intend to have people resting against the fence being that it is in the garden but I do anticipate little fingers (aka Ben) touching it often out of curiosity. 

acorn squash and zucchini along with already there strawberry plants ad cucumber seeds to the far left

lettuce & green onions, there are also bush bean seeds planted along the fence

leftover wire
Steve was able to cut the wire with a saw-zaw after finding that cutting it with bolt cutters (borrowed from a friend) was quite labor intensive. 
Anyways, it looks awesome and I am so glad that the fence is getting closer to completion.  We'll be taking this weekend off again as Steve will be celebrating his big 3-0 (I know, I am a cougar by a whole 2 weeks and 2 days :)  and my best friend and her husband are visiting from Cali-woohoo!  In addition, I get to go wine tasting all day Saturday (I know, poor me) and then throw Steve a huge birthday bash-mustache style, on Sunday evening. 

Last weekend we also stopped by Portland nursery to pick up some replacement rosemary plants for our backyard that died last year.  We also got some vegetable starts and looked for some Bamboo for the backyard.  Veggies were a success but the bamboo was a no go-I think we are going to have to go to a specialty bamboo nursery (there are a few in Portland) to find the variety we are looking for.  And no worries, we're no dummies, we are going to plant it in pots so that it won't invade our whole yard.  Hopefully we'll have more on that project soon.  How do you plan to spend your Memorial Day?  Hopefully doing something fun!
can you see the tomato and pepper starts?

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