Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little pretty for the garage

Decided that spring is here, and yes, time to start planting!  I still need to either purchase starts or get some seeds started for our garden. 
Isn't mother's day the golden rule on the A-ok to start the garden? 
and isn't that coming up in just a couple weeks? 
and while super ghett-O (yes, that is with a capital O, we trimmed down the existing gate so that I, being uber-short, can actually reach the latch instead of constantly hollering at Steve to open it or having to go through the house...we do plan to replace this with a shorter version that matches the one we're building
I decided to pounce on some flowers for our hanging baskets as well as buy 3 lavender plants to replace the 3 that didn't survive the winter 3 years ago.  While Steve informed me that one of the hanging flower baskets would need to be moved once the fence is connected to the garage, I decided to plant them anyways.  I was thinking that maybe I could just raise the baskets because, man, they look cute hanging off the garage and because I will be spending a lot of time in the driveway/garage area this summer, I look forward to a little eye candy in the form of flores!
this is the one that will need to be shortened or moved

and, of course, one of my munchkin because I love him so and he is eye candy to me

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