Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Proofing does =Beauty

Well, in very few cases and I am lucky to have one of them.  After almost a year in the making, I got to pick up the first set of the of leaded glass windows today and boy, are they beauties.  And boy, will they keep my little turkey out of least for a little while.  Due to some unforeseen delays with other projects, the man making the leaded glass panels will not have the other two sets ready for us until later this month-total bummer but at least this set is ready as it is one of Ben's favorite places to bang on right now.
luvin the leaded glass

finally got to put back (and dust) all my treasures, one of the Japanese Saki glasses succumbed to the little dude

He is so proud of himself when he helps "unpack"

trying to cause trouble, note baby-proofing on built-in; the only door in the dining/living room he has figured out yet

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!! (both the little dude and the leaded glass)