Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back bedroom

...which happens to be our bedroom or the current "master" bedroom.  While a 11.5'x11.5' room doesn't exactly scream large, spacious, master bedroom, it has been our little home since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago.  It was one of our earlier projects and probably the first we finished made livable.  Not only because all it needed was paint and a little trim work as well as a lower closet bar added and some curtains, but because I felt we needed at least one place in the house that was mostly project free and therefore, non-stressful/place I stayed up at night to think of all the other projects we needed to do (I often have a half page list by my bedside by morning) What better place than the bedroom?  Anywho, we had also just gotten married and I wanted to do our new comforter and awesome silk and velvet pillows justice with matching paint.  Here are the results.
the bedframe is a Pottery Barn special (big splurge but got a huge employee discount hook-up-Thanks Sean) as are linens...the little bedside clock and rug are from PB as well, beagle is not; tissue holder from crate and barrel as well as matching trash can (can sorta see in pix below); picture of bed is from our wedding; brown pillow from HomeGoods; scones an estate sale find and shades from my friend Chris' personal collection that he so graciously gifted us; curtains made by me from a $5 bedspread I purchased originally for Steve when he used to rent

2 winters ago, my sister graciously passed down my grandparents bedroom furniture that she and her husband had refinished and previously used in their master bedroom.  Shipping it here from California was a nightmare. The company we used had not paid the shipper they contracted through and therefore our stuff was taken ransom and held for weeks.  There was nothing we could do until the two companies settled money issues.  Well, while we didn't have our furniture for while, it all worked out in the end being that they discounted the shipping rate by a couple hundred which was great for us being that we always seem to be pretty tight on money with all these house projects.
my grandpa made the dresser above to match the other pieces; lamp and cigar box inherited from Steve's grandmother
the jewelry is from Urban Outfitters (an x-mas gift-thanks mom and dad), photo frame aaron brothers, pot is estate sale find and jewelry box made by my other half as a x-mas gift when we were still "going steady" and he was busy trying to make me "swoon"

We still need to patch the holes in the picture rail from when we put it in, add detail trim above the windows and doors (which requires us to lower the picture rail that we put too high to add the detail trim, hence why we haven't patched the holes in the picture rail) and we eventually want to close off the door by the window that connects to the kitchen and is pretty much useless only used to yell at the beagle when he is outside barking at dawn(our house has a theme of many doors going on as do many bungalows).

In case you forgot the before...

and the in-between...

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  1. Looks like your having fun with the paint. Nice colors.