Thursday, January 27, 2011

Laundry Chute Installation DIY

Because we always have unfinished projects, we are now doing some research on how to install a laundry chute.  I found various information on many different websites giving helpful info with many different sorts of recommendations.  One website stated that many cities actually have codes on laundry chutes due to fire wall blocking that is required as well as materials.  I referenced Portland's codes and was unable to find anything so I guess that we could build it out of saran wrap and tin foil if we really wanted to!  (maybe I should call the city to confirm:)
Oh yea, the laundry chute (as I think I've mentioned before) will go in our bathroom, behind the built-in cabinet that is not yet built-in built, that will be in the space between the shower and hall.  We plan to access the chute from the hall as to not take valuable cabinet storage space with access from in the bathroom.
Here is a little info that I found.  I think that we will use aluminum venting material to line the space and help reduce the chance of mold growth.  Now just a trip to Home Depot to figure out sizing, materials and cost.  The challenge will be putting it up to the second story for the eventual bathroom that will be added up there.

-first, measure to make sure that your entry and exit points of the chute really do line up?  Many people have written that they have planned the project only to find that the entry and exit points are feet off from one another when the tape measure comes out


-The family handyman discusses steps to install a laundry chute as outlined here.  How to Install a Laundry Chute | The Family Handyman
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-DIY network for wood lined chute

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