Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crafty Lady

Along with the house and cute kiddos (I watch Lolo two days a week and then her mom watches Ben 2 days a week so that we can both work and avoid childcare), I have also been busy crafting away.  We have moved past the a million weddings stage of our lives and now are in  a bunch o' friends having babies stage and luvin it!  Here is a pix of what I have been working on with each spare minute I get in between house work, paid work, feeding, diapering and playing...gosh, I should open my own etsy shop
quilts, burp rags, hoodie towels, paci clips and you can't forget the hooter hider

And while they just barely lost, we were sure rooting for the Ducks!

We even fit in time for a hike in Forest Hills, Portland last weekend and got to test out Ben's new pack!

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