Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat Wave

Never would have known last week that it would be over 100 degrees today.  It is hot, hot, hot, but don't get me wrong, I am loving it.  Steve has quite the system of airing the house out at night (I guess it pays off to be an HVAC engineer at times).  Once it gets cooler outside than in, Steve opens all the windows and turns on the fan upstairs, airing the whole house.  We haven't yet had to use our portable A/C unit but I am thinking that tonight may be the night.   The little man woke up in the middle of the night last night (yes, I am lucky and he typically sleeps through the night), appearing to be super hot and me being the protective mom I am, I wouldn't leave the window open in his room fearing that someone might try to come and steal him in the night...I know, I am probably going a bit overboard. 
 Ben sporting the diaper only look in the heat

The only problem with airing the house is that the mosquitos are horrible right now (probably due to it raining up until late last week) and I had about 5 bite me within 20 mins of having the windows open.  This morning I pulled the portable screens that we own up from the basement and purchased two additional ones that will allow us to open the windows wider.

Another exciting project is that the brick patio should be finished this weekend (woo-hoo, I feel a BBQ coming on, pix to come soon) and that I just picked up our leaded glass windows and they look awesome.  

After visiting our friends in Seattle last weekend, I have been inspired and have decided that Steve and I are going to attempt to keep our shoes off while in the house to maybe help preserve the new-ish floors as well as keep some dirt and otherwise non-baby friendly trackings from getting on the floor.  Of course, anyone coming to visit is welcome to keep their shoes on.  Also should work great in the winter with our radiant floor heat. 
Shoe basket on the front porch

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