Monday, July 19, 2010


Steve and I have been wanting a buffet for our dining room to go under the window for a couple years now and have been looking for an antique.  However, we have not been able to find what we want being that the height can only be 32" so we have resorted to having one custom made.  We have an awesome guy through Brunke's Furniture on Sandy Blvd., just a couple blocks from our home.  He came over to our house and looked at our pictures and created a custom design.  He will have it made in just 4 weeks.  It was nice that in having it custom made, we were able to have some options changed to save money and have other details included that blend with our house and other furniture details.  We plan to stain the piece ourselves to save a bit of money.  We are having it made of straight grain white oak to match our living room chairs.  I hope to actually be able to move some of the cooking supplies (yes, I know, not conventional to store in a buffet) from the basement to here so that getting them does not require a basement trip. 

love everything about this design with the exception of the tiny legs and the back piece on the top

 like the leg height and the arch on the bottom, do not like the design on the inlay of the cabinets

like the side detail design

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