Wednesday, June 2, 2010

R.I.P. Little mirror

I am happy to say that we finally have a mirror back up over our bathroom sink which means that we also have our door back up on the medicine cabinet.  Steve took off the door to strip the paint, patch holes, sand and repaint before Ben came in early April and well, as of early last week, we were still using a 5x6" mirror the we would move up and down on the shelves as we would get items out of the medicine cabinet or need to adjust for each of our heights (we have an 11" height difference). 

Our friends were in town two weeks ago and Katie accidentally dropped little mirror, cracking it in the corner and then I dropped it again, shattering it. 
With my sister coming last weekend and my parents this coming weekend (yes, my dad summited Mt. Everest and is safely home-Yea!), I told Steve that we needed it done by the next wave of guests.  It took him most nights during the week but it is done and looks amazing.  It even smoothly opens and closes now that layers of paint have been removed. 
Rejuvenation stopped selling the reproduction hinges that we wanted but I was lucky enough (with the help of my friend Chris) to find a polished nickel pair in salvage that was still nice and shiny and then purchased some new slot screws from Rejuvenation.   We already had the nob-a gift from friend Chris when we first moved into our house.

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