Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yard Fieldtrip

 first batch of roses from the front yard
all loaded and ready to go home
the nursery was very rustic and in the middle of a little shaded "forest"

Well, progress has been slow with baby Ben's arrival and being lucky enough to have family and friends visiting our little man.  In addition, we were lucky enough to take a 24-hr whirlwind trip to Vegas for a good friend's wedding.  Just wanted to show a a few pictures of the lilies and foxgloves we were lucky enough to track down for an awesome price at a NW native plant place in Oregon City a few weeks ago.  We have planted several but need to find the time to plant at least 20 more.  We also were able to finally clean the driveway (hasn't been so clean since we moved in) and get our shared garden planted with our neighbors.  There are still a couple more plants including a hot pepper and kale that we need to get but we are pretty much ready to run with it-the lettuce and tomatoes are already growing and I bet the initial batch of lettuce will be ready to eat by this weekend.

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