Friday, April 2, 2010

Bano coming together

Still needs about what it needed last week, but slowly and surely coming together.  The sink is bolted to the wall, towel hooks are hung (sussex from pottery barn), shower curtain rod is trimmed to size and hung (from, electrical is fully in and the sconces are in (need a little plaster work as Steve cut out the plaster just a wee bit too big).  We have had some hang ups with pipe nipples not being the right size and just not enough hours or energy in the day...everything basically takes 5x longer than anticipated.
          I did buy sconces from Rejuvenation last Friday, changing our minds last minute and settling on the marion sconces with the mission satin frosted flared shades because the sconces for one were cheaper in seconds and cheaper to start but even more importantly A) look awesome b) don't stick out from the wall as far as the gilchrist which makes opening the medicine cabinet a lot easier.  We still have not picked out a ceiling light but I think it will be easier to find a good match with the marion.
          I also had another contractor come over to bid out our built-in today so we will see how that turns out...cross your fingers the bid is fair and we can get it going.



  1. Your bathroom looks beautiful! Well done.

  2. i love what you did in your bathroom and your home in general! i was wondering if you could tell me where you got the little storage drawers next to your sink? it is exactly what we are looking for as we have a small bathroom with no built in storage other than a medicine cabinet.

  3. Thank you! We love it too! As far as the little cabinet, we found it at Pottery Barn. I have also seen similar ones at places like Home Goods and Marshalls. good luck!