Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Patriotic Plumbing

Wanted to post a few more pictures of our progress...note how all the plumbing lines form a nice red, white and blue
white lines are for hose bibs...this hose bib that runs to the driveway will actually give us hot water for washing cars when we need it!

View through the new partially framed bathroom (toilet flange is in as well as lines ready for sink) to what will be a utility closet that holds a drain and the water heater

can you believe this will be our new basement shower/dog washing station...lots left to do but at least we have bought the supplies-going to pour a shower floor slope next weekend

Nastiness!  Stack of dishes left from having no sink water for a couple days-the old faucet was clogged past the point of saving so we just went to buy a new cheap-o from Home Depot to last us until our kitchen remodel BUT....

of course when we brought the new faucet home, we found out that the holes in the cast iron sink were 6" spacing (which of course is hard to find and not really made anymore) and we had bought a common 8"....well after deciding not to spend $100 on a 6" faucet that only needs to hopefully last about a year....Steve just zip-tied the new one on....holding strong for 5 days now :)

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  1. There's nothing wrong with zip-ties! I'll have to post my basement plumbing "workaround" that has been in place for over three years now. Maybe the prospect of public humiliation will force me to fix it properly. ;-)