Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here is the bathroom once again, looking shabby as all h***, hopefully I can re-post with much better looking pictures within a month's time at most :)
view lookin' in...mighty fine flooring

where the sink will go back in, we love our little storage drawers, a pottery barn find
the sink (from rejuvenation, on the floor with pedestal missing); we won't discuss that Steve discovered last night that I accidentally threw out the bottom fitter parts for the new faucet when I was taking all the scrap metal to the curb-at least a $50 mistake-oops!
the door all pretty after paint was stripped, it was repainted and new (actually old), locking door hardware, new nickel hinges from rejuvenation

tile that we have chosen, all DalTile, classic colors...this way we can change towel and wall colors as desired

floor design we plan to have put in

simple, basic, classic wainscot tile-will cover the wrecked walls underneath.   Should we get ceramic or nickel plates for the switches/outlets?  hmmmm....

we plan to have the black pencil tile turn and go up in the shower area like shown here


  1. Looks like you have your work cut out for you! My hubby and I also have a 1913 house, and would like to keep the charater style. Thanks for posting your pics!

  2. We bought our bungalow in 2008 (after graduate school of course), and when we bought our house, the seller showed us some issues in the bathroom. We said, "No worries, we'll be remodeling it within the year." Three years later and still planning... Thanks for the pictures. They help reinforce our plans for the wall-mounted sink, subway, and penny tile.

    1. No problem. It's fun to research and support your decisions with historical accuracy. While it sucks to wait so long to start a project, you will really know what you want the longer you wait :) It makes you love and appreciate it so much more too. Good luck!