Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wood Floors Refinished

I am proud to say that after a three year delay, we finally bit the bullet, cleared out the main floor of the house and had the floors refinished this past week-what a hassle but what a payoff.  Anyways, we cleared the house on Sunday after our halloween party, they patched all the floor vents and returns on Monday, sanded and then started the 3 coats of Swedish finish on Tuesday. 

We opted for Swedish finish because it is supposedly one of the most durable and resistant to scratches and other damage=great because we have two dogs.  We stopped by Tuesday after work prior to staying at our friend's house for 4 nights (super generous) and man, even with holding his breath, Steve got a headache and his eyes stung just being inside for a couple minutes.  I could smell the fumes from outside.  However, we moved back in Sat morning (are living upstairs for the week because the floors need to "cure" for a week before they have furniture on them and will only handle socked feet) and love looking at the floors.  Here are some pictures of before (wow, it was worse than I thought), when sanded and after.  There are white oak floors (rare size so very difficult to find the wood for patching) in the living and dining rooms and fir in the bedrooms and hallway (we had matching fir planks we had pulled out from the basement that we used for patching).

Floor Before (oak)

Sanding in dining and living rooms (can sort of see patched area in upper left hand corner)

Fir floors patches and sanding started

Done and beautiful!   All stains and divots from prior refinishing gone.

Fir floors


  1. Wow! Looks amazing! What a huge job but what a great pay off!

  2. Your floors look amazing. Can you share who you hired to refinish your floors. I also plan on refinishing floors and am always looking for recommendations. Thanks!

  3. Sharon, thanks for your comment. While our floors look amazing from far away (we still think they look amazing compared to what they were), there are some small pooling spots of finish in some corners. However, the person who did it was quick, thorough and dirt cheap. He cleaned up his mess and all is holding up well. He was willing to deal with us pushing back the project several times as well. His price was less than others charged just for refinishing and no patching and he threw in two custom door thresholds as well. Ben from Advanced Hardwood Floors (360) 513-7905 Our friends used him and recommended him to us and their floors look amazing! Good luck!