Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Front Yard Landscape Progress

We decided it's time for landscape. Here is our picture just before my brother, Ryan so generously spent his entire weekend helping us dump heaps of grass and concrete that Steve took out while I partied in NYC. In addition, Ryan (the genius landscape architect) designed a sprinkler system and helped us shop for parts as well as dig treacherous trenches (do we have rock or do we have rock in our yard, you stop every 2 T. of dirt you dug to pull out a rock ranging from 2-12" in size-ahhhH) that you seemingly fill several minutes after you finish digging because all you have to do is stick some 1/2" PVC inside. Anyways, we finished all the sprinkler work just an hour before Ryan flew home with the exception of one part and hooking it up to the plumbing...we still have aching muscles and blisters to show for the work. More pictures to come soon.

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