Sunday, June 21, 2009

dead sexy slab

The parking strip is all finished but we still need to add sand and gravel in the joints to the front walkway. The process that we used was:
  1. Dig out ~3-4" dirt for path
  2. Tamp down dirt
  3. add ~2" deep 1/4" minus gravel (this is partially because we already have solid soil that drains well)
  4. tamp down
  5. lay quartzite
  6. lift stone and add ~1/2" sand
  7. put stone so level in sand
  8. fill joints with gravel
  9. wet down gravel
  10. admire

We decided to tackle a walkway not only because it is not exactly attractive to have a purely soil style walkway and yard, but you would not believe the amount of dirt that was in our house by the end of the week.

In addition, Barrett, our awesome tile guy spent a large part of his weekend over at our house installing our beautiful fireplace tile...more pictures to come soon as it should be all finished this week sometime. You can still see some of the dust created on the andirons from when Barrett jack hammered out the old hearth-it took me two rounds of dusting to get everything up. Now I just need to find some decor for the mantle.


  1. Steve and Skye,
    You have begun your marriage JUST like Dad and I did....remodeling the your home (the Westchester house)! Your home will FOREVER be in your hearts, even when you move on to another home.
    WOW! The built-ins are gorgeous! Such a HUGE change from the first time we visited. It is turning out so beautiful!
    But, this summer, be sure to enjoy an evening or two, outside sipping a beer (or wine) on your new porch!
    Love you,

  2. Your fireplace is gorgeous. Well done! So which of these tile companies did you buy your tile from?

  3. Sharon,
    latest feedback ever but we bought our fireplace tile from handcraft tile out of southern california. they were great to work with but it takes a while to get the tile as each one is hand made and painted.